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About Us

Our Vision


We are striving to build a future where everyone can take charge of their health by having clear insights into their health status and body composition in one easy-to-use platform, called OASYS HEAL.

OASYS HEAL, you can benefit from Preventive Healthcare practices such as having your DNA tested. These tests provide you with incredible insights into how your body is uniquely formed up until now, and how it can further evolve in the future.

Moreover, by adding your general health data to
OASYS HEAL, you can receive step-by-step instructions on how to prolong your healthy life, through receiving guided tasks on how to fine-tune your diet, physical activity, sleep, and more.

Additionally, you can opt-in to safely contribute your data to scientific research institutes and help them with finding cures for many genetic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, and more.

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Our Story

OASYS NOW started with a dream.
A dream to help the world of healthcare take better advantage of the latest breakthroughs in technology and science; and through that,
better serve people to improve their health.


We are on a journey to enable Personalized Medicine and Preventive Healthcare for everyone on our blue planet

Watch Nima's TEDx Talk below
 to find out about our origin story: 

What is Personalized Medicine?
and Why it's important?

Personalized medicine is revolutionary as it tailors treatment to an individual's unique genetic makeup, lifestyle, and environment. Research on large and diverse genomic datasets is crucial for identifying genetic variations, developing targeted therapies, validating findings, and addressing health disparities. Including diverse ethnicities in studies helps understand population-specific factors and promotes equitable healthcare practices.

Watch the 5-min video below to understand the importance of genetics for medicine research:

Meet The Team

Our Advisors.

Our team of advisors boasts a diverse range of expertise spanning various fields, enabling us to leverage strong global industry insights and partnerships with confidence. insights and partnerships with confidence.


Björn Rambags

  • LinkedIn

Strategic Advisor


Wanda Stevens

  • LinkedIn

Product Marketing Advisor


Andre Walter

  • LinkedIn

Data Privacy Lawyer


Gennady Roshchupkin

  • LinkedIn

Academic Research Advisor


Edwin Paalvast

  • LinkedIn

Healthcare Advisor


Jaap Kerstjens

  • LinkedIn

Business Advisor

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