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The New Standard
in DNA Data Sharing


Securely lease-in or lease-out sensitive health datasets, compliant and hassle-free thanks to our Anonymized Active Linkage™ Technology.

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Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Offer your valuable database for safe leasing options to interested parties, without having to worry about the integrations and privacy of your data.

Cloud Data Control Modernization

Automatically implement data ownership and access policies.

Connect Locked-out Data Silos

Unlock the data that was previously too regulated or too risky to use.

Data Science Acceleration

Analyze data in a privacy-preserving environment, through Secure Enclaves.

Audit Trail

Powered by a decentralized ledger, providing an immutable record of all actions taken, so you can ensure your data is being used in a compliant and responsible way.

Data Sharing Capabilities.

Secure Data Infrastructure

Our solution empowers companies to build trusted infrastructure, with strict controls on how apps and users can access datasets. You easily integrate it into your existing stack or use it to control access to your more sensitive datasets.

Data Sharing
Trust Layer​

Our privacy and governance primitives allow you to share data with partners and unlock new business opportunities with limited risk and tight control. Policies limit and control data usage, while confidential compute environments ensure your raw data is never exposed.

In collaboration and partnership with:

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We are proud of our diverse and multi-disciplinary team



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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

OASYS NOW is an ethical-by-design and privacy-first data storage & exchange platform specialized in genomic data, enabling:


  • Data Owners (i.e. individuals) to contribute to scientific research & earn (monetary) rewards for sharing their data while retaining ownership;

  • Data Providers (e.g. DNA testing labs) to safely share their valuable databank, releasing previously untapped scientific & monetary value, by providing ownership to the DNA-tested individual;

  • Data Consumers (e.g. Pharmaceuticals) to have GDPR-compliant access to genomic databanks, where DNA data can be enriched with personal data, on-demand;

Paving the way for a safer route toward Preventive Healthcare & Precision Medicine

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