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    A clinical trial is a research study where Clinicians test new medicine and treatments to ensure their effectiveness and safety. In phase I the new drug is tested on what it does to the body (pharmacodynamics) and what the body does to the drug (pharmacokinetics). These studies are often done with healthy volunteers (but mostly not in cancer) and need few subjects. Phase II studies typically look at the optimal dosing of a new medicine, looking at safety and efficacy. In phase III trials, the new drug is tested against the current standard treatment with a large study population.

    Observational studies in clinical trials watch and record what happens to individuals naturally, without making any changes (interventions). Interventional studies, on the other hand, involve actively making changes, like giving a new treatment, to see the effects.

    Participating in a clinical trial can offer a potential new treatment option, which can be especially relevant if there are no existing treatments for a condition or if existing treatment do not work properly. Joining a trial gives you a chance to benefit from the latest medical advancements while contributing to medical knowledge.

    Our clinical trial Search tool makes it simple to search for studies for any condition, worldwide or close to home. Simply start typing your condition, and we will ask you a few questions. You can also share your Electronic Health Records (EHR) with us, or authorize us to retrieve it for you, so we can find more personalized options.
    Together with us and your doctor, you can easily review a study’s eligibility criteria and select a location that's nearest to you!

    The best way to determine which studies (current and future) you qualify for is by creating an account in our app. This way, we can let you know if you become eligible for a trial in the future.
    The more information you add to your profile, the higher the chance that you find studies that will fit you perfectly. When you share your Electronic Health Records (EHR) with us, we can find clinical trials that closely match your profile. This means that participation within weeks becomes a real option.

    We will match you to your relevant new treatments, using your health data input. By creating an account, we can have more up-to-date data and find better options for you. Also, by creating an account, we can better let you know if we find a relevant option for you in the future.

    We strongly believe you should be in charge of your own health data. This means that we will not engage in things that you have not consented to. Please read our Privacy Notice, and Terms of Use for more information about how we handle your data.