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Speed up recruitment timelines for your trial & gain RWD insights from de-identified patient data
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Precision Match Patient to your Trials

CROs, Trial Sites & Sponsors benefit from sped up recruitment timelines by tapping into a waiting room of EHR pre-screened patients.
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Our mission

is to enable every person to leverage their unique health data to prevent or heal disease.”

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Nima Salami
CEO & Co-founder

Leverage Big Health Data for RWD Insights

Identify eligible patients from large EHR datasets, and gain accurate insights in site-level patient cohorts. Leverage RWD for site selection, trial design and post-trial insights.
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Customized Dashboarding

Your neutral 3rd party for RWD visualizations

Using data dashboards tailored to your data and environments, you can provide patient-level insights without the need for sharing your sensitive data.
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OASYS NOW has a drive to bring new medicine to patients, faster. We believe that large data can be leveraged in ways that preserve patients' privacy. Our patient-first approach to technological development is what distinguishes us.

OASYS NOW helps trial sites speed up recruitment timelines, by leveraging a large network of organizations. Patients are pre-screened on our platform by their input of health data, after which they can get connected to trials or enter out waiting room.
Furthermore, we help Life Science organizations gain RWD insights from large EHR datasets.

Data privacy is a central pillar of what OASYS NOW stands for. Our technologies are build compliant-by-design and are thus fully GDPR compliant. ISO27001 compliance is continuously monitored by an external party.

We partner with a variety of Life Science and Healthcare organizations. These include Trial Sites, Medical Centers, Patient Organizations, Study Sponsors, CROs and many more.
Reach out to explore partnership possibilities.

Currently, we are focused on helping patients in the field of cardiology, rare diseases and multiple chronic diseases.