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Discover treatment options from around the world, specifically matched to your patient.

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the Trial Finder technology into your EHR systems or patient portals, and automate patient-trial matching and RWD generation.

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Connect with multiple clinical trial databases, and identify relevant trial options for your patient with the click of a button. Health data is automatically matched to clinical trial eligibility criteria, so your patient gets personalized matches.
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is to enable every person to leverage their unique health data to prevent or heal disease.”

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We have a drive to bring new medicine to patients, faster. Large health data can be leveraged in ways that preserve patients' privacy, and keeps the doctor in the loop.

Both patients and HCPs can find relevant clinical trials by matching patient data to trial eligibility criteria. Instead of manually going through the EHRs to find trial options for your patient, our technology can do this for you. When integrated into EHR systems, you will be notified when one of your patients becomes eligible for a study!

Data privacy is a central pillar of what OASYS NOW stands for. Our technologies are build compliant-by-design and are thus fully GDPR compliant. Our ISO27001 compliance is continuously monitored by an external party.

We partner with a variety of Life Science and Healthcare organizations. these include Trial Sites, medical centers, Patient Organizations, Study Sponsors, CROs and many more. Reach out to explore partnership possibilities, or to join our advisory Board of Care Providers.

Currently, we are focused on helping patients in the field of cardiology, rare diseases and multiple chronic diseases.